I've assigned my markers, one per heading that starts a new page, and
mapped the headings in WWP. Our software, which resides on a machine
control, seems to require that we break up the FM file into smaller
files, one topic per file. That doesn't sit right with me. It seemed to
me that I could have more than one topic, each assigned to separate
headings, that reside in one FM file.

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> Is it a requirement to assign one TopicAlias marker per FrameMaker
> in order to generate a context-sensitive CHM file using WebWorks
> ePublisher Pro? I understand that the marker needs to be placed in a
> tag that starts a new page, but I thought I could have more than one
> marker per file.

You can have one TopicAlias marker per TOPIC. Usually topics are
broken down by heading levels, provided you're splitting on those
headings in WWP.

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