> Sorry, the software to which I was referring is the application for
> which we're providing context-sensitive help.

That has about as much to do with your source content as the
temperature in your office or the color of your socks.

> I haven't found any documentation stating anything about needing to
> break up the FM files per topic. Our software developer claims it's
> necessary, and our tests on the machine control prove him to be correct.
> I suspect the problem is with our control's software. At the very least,
> I'm missing something that will make it all work.

Are they using the HTML Help API? Or another API for context-sensitivity?

> We're using a custom .h file that holds our topic IDs and the control
> screen IDs (Map IDs).  Example: #define IDH_ScreenName 123. The text is
> the same as what we put in the TopicAlias marker. The screen ID is the
> number assigned to the screen by the software developers.

That's all you need. Just make sure your TopicAlias markers are in the
tight place (I put them in the middle of the headings) and make sure
you are splitting on those heading levels in WWP.

We produce c-s CHMs all the time from FM source using WWP and keep
much of the content in a chapter format, so there are many help topics
per FM file.

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