At 08:36 -0600 2/8/07, Combs, Richard wrote:

>Are you sure you don't have Baseline Synchronization or Feather turned
>on (in Format > Page Layout > Line Layout)? I've never used those
>features (or Balance Columns in Column Layout), so I'm guessing -- but
>they're my primary suspects (actually, my only suspects) for causing
>variable vertical spacing. And they'd be imported with the Document
>Properties (an unfortunate grab-bag of settings, IMHO).

You've got it! I looked at this before and it was not turned on in the 'bad' 
layout, but I was looking at it in Master Page view, where these options are 
off  [and presumably a nonsense for a one-column layout anyway, unless 
FrameMaker is trying to synchronize across adjacent pages].

However, when I look at Format > Page Layout > Line Layout in Body Page view, 
which I failed to do before, they are on. Presumably therefore they are on as a 
master page override.

It will come as no surprise to hear that turning these options off fixes the 
bad vertical spacings [it was actually the 'Feather' setting that was causing 
the problem]. SANITY IS RESTORED!

Thanks everyone.


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