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On 8/2/07, Steve Rickaby <srickaby at wordmongers.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> Anyone following this thread may remember that I was suffering from 
> inconsistent vertical spacing between headings and following paras when no 
> overrides were active, and that I found that creating a new document and 
> copying selected contents to it removed the problem. I did not find the cause 
> of the problem.
> I now know that with old document [bad] and new cut/paste document [good], 
> the good document goes bad - i.e. starts to re-manifest the bad spacing - 
> when I import document properties from the good to the bad.
> This means that I now know what not to do, but not why. If anyone has any 
> guesses, I'd be interested.

There's some confusion about what properties are controlled by the
"document properties" property. Try Google searches for framemaker
document properties and similar phrases, to find old threads.

Another approach might be to search a MIF file; perhaps it would be
slightly "scientific" if you create a new blank document, save it to
MIF, then import document properties only from the bad file, save that
to another MIF, open the two MIF files as text files in FM, and use
File > Utilities > Compare Documents to look for differences.

If this works, we could name the technique after ourselves and place
it in public domain for the whole FM-er community<G>.



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