I second Rick's advice but would like to add a couple of hints about
the RTF export that may be of use.

First, have a *lot* of patience, particulalry if your document has many
graphics. If there are a lot of graphics, the conversion runs so slowly
that it is easy to think that Frame has hung or crashed. Don't believe
it. Try starting the conversion just before you leave work so that you
can let it run overnight.

Second, in the days of FrameMaker 5.5.6 and 6.0, many users
reported much better results with the Japanese RTF export filter rather
than the regular RTF export filter. These reports basically dried up when
FM7 was released, so the newer RTF1.6 filter may have resolved the
issue. But you still might want to experiment with the three available
RTF filters.

Third, if this is more than a one-shot deal, you would be well advised
to investigate Mif2Go, which does a really good job once you set it
up. Plus it does high-quality conversion to HTML, WinHelp, HTML Help,
Java Help, browser-based help, etc.

>From: "Rick Quatro" <frameexpert at truevine.net>
>To: "Martin Simon" <Martin.Simon at WETDesign.com>,"framers" 
><framers at lists.frameusers.com>
>Subject: Re: FM to Word conversion
>Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 15:26:00 -0400
>You can Save As RTF and see how that works, or use a third-party program 
>like Mif2Go (http://www.omsys.com).
>Rick Quatro
>Carmen Publishing
>Good Morning Framers List,
>Sorry, this questions seems taboo however, I am interested in converting
>a FM book to an MS Word doc. The FAQ didn't say much. I converted my
>book to HTML then pasted into a blank Word doc. There is a lot of
>clean-up necessary. Do you have any other ideas? I do not want to
>explore the why, simply the how.
>Thanks a lot!
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