Martin Simon wrote:

> I did not see all of those options since I was trying to 
> convert the book file. My choices were limited to fm, 
> mif,pdf,htm, and xml. 

Ah, so that's why you went the HTML route. :-) Remember, in FM, all the
content is in the .fm files. The .book file just contains pointers to
.fm files and information about how to combine them (numbering, PDF
setup, etc.). 

> Now, I can see the many save as options available for the 
> individual chapters. So, in that case I would convert then 
> paste the chapters together, later?

Yes. Keep in mind what Art and I said about the Word template. And keep
in mind that many people have trouble with very large Word docs (the
ones that don't have bulletproof templates and rigorous procedures). 

> As for the FAQs, I went to the frameusers, adobe, and the web.

OK, you're using "FAQ" in a generic sense. Googling "FrameMaker FAQ"
returns no hits. 

In any case, good luck with this project!


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