I did not see all of those options since I was trying to convert the
book file. My choices were limited to fm, mif,pdf,htm, and xml. 
Now, I can see the many save as options available for the individual
chapters. So, in that case I would convert then paste the chapters
together, later?
As for the FAQs, I went to the frameusers, adobe, and the web.

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Martin Simon wrote:

> Sorry, this questions seems taboo however, I am interested in 
> converting a FM book to an MS Word doc. The FAQ didn't say 
> much. I converted my book to HTML then pasted into a blank 
> Word doc. There is a lot of clean-up necessary. Do you have 
> any other ideas? I do not want to explore the why, simply the how.
> Thanks a lot!

Taboo? You must be new here. :-) This question gets asked about every
other week, and twice in some weeks. The answers are always the same:
first choice, Mif2Go (www.omsys.com); second choice, Save As RTF. 

Either way, as Art noted, you need a good Word template that matches the
FM tags. If you don't have that, you might as well copy the content of
each FM file, paste it into Word as plain text, and apply your Word
styles manually. 

BTW, what FAQ were you talking about?


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