Hi Framers,

Well, it looks like I will need to batch process a large number of ASCII
(plain text) system configuration files in the same manner, in order to
filter out information that I do not need, before I import them into Frame.

I don't know if this a proper topic for the list, but it takes me back to my
UNIX days of using "sed" with great success (even for a non-programmer like
me), to create a standard set of batch text processing instructions that
could be applied consistently and repetitively to large numbers of
pattern-based plain text files.

The question is two fold:
a) any sed FM users out there?
b) are there other similar (economical) options for batch processing of text

Comments and opinions are most welcome.


Ben Hechter
Technical Performance Support Solutions
Vancouver BC
t: 604-725-7385
e: bhechter at objectives.ca
w: www.semitake.com

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