Hi, Ben.

B Hechter wrote:
> Well, it looks like I will need to batch process a large number of ASCII
> (plain text) system configuration files in the same manner, in order to
> filter out information that I do not need, before I import them into Frame.
> I don't know if this a proper topic for the list, but it takes me back to my
> UNIX days of using "sed" with great success (even for a non-programmer like
> me), to create a standard set of batch text processing instructions that
> could be applied consistently and repetitively to large numbers of
> pattern-based plain text files.
> The question is two fold:
> a) any sed FM users out there?

I still use sed for certain repetitive patterned-text editing functions,
but not to process the text for subsequent input into FrameMaker! This
would work fine, of course, just surprising to me.

> b) are there other similar (economical) options for batch processing of text
> files?

sed is free if you have a UNIX or Linux system handy. Price is tough
to beat. :)

But, perl is another very strong contender that I also use sometimes
for these task. In most ways, *much* stronger than sed (depending on
the complexity of the task at hand), but has a higher learning curve
- particular if you already know sed, or do not know either program.

Many free text editors, even on non-UNIX systems, have batch mode text
editing capability too ...


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