Hi everyone

I just noticed something weird that our documents have probably been
doing for years and just wondered if other people see the same

If we type a space at the beginning of a paragraph, the cursor looks
like it jumps to the right margin. But it only looks that way. If we
type a character after the space, the cursor and the space and the
character all come back to the left where they belong. If the first
character is anything but an ordinary space, the cursor stays on the
left. That's why I haven't noticed till now - I don't often start a
paragraph by typing a space! 

And it gets more complicated. If I start the paragraph with white-space
characters (tabs, hard spaces etc), the cursor stays on the left, but
then if I type a space after the tab etc, it jumps to the right. So it
seems to get confused if I put a space after white space.

Ctrl-l doesn't fix it. I tried multiple paragraph styles, including one
inside a table, in multiple documents from multiple templates, on two
different PCs. All the paragraphs are set to left aligned. Paragraphs
behave like this whether or not there's a right-aligned tab defined or

FM 7.0p579 on Win XP.

It doesn't seem to make any real difference to anything, but made me
curious about what's going on. Any ideas?

Cheers, Rebecca

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