I'd go with any of their workstation 390/490 level machines, with at
least 4G RAM and one pair of SATA RAID primary drives. If you're using
Photoshop very much, remember that the recommended config calls for a
secondary scratch hard drive, so you may want a third drive or a
second pair. SCSI isn't as big a boost as it was because it's
basically built in to the SATA interface already at this level. Also,
I'd specify either a really wide monitor or more likely, dual 19"

Unless your IT guys already have a fair amount of experience with
Vista, I'd specify XP PRO...


On Dec 9, 2007 3:34 AM, Meredith, Ashley <Ashley_Meredith at brown.edu> wrote:
> I've just had a hardware failure that means I get to upgrade to Vista Pro and 
> the latest versions of FrameMaker and Acrobat Pro, as quick as I can get a 
> new workstation ordered. The only stipulation that my university makes is 
> that it prefers Dell. I haven't been paying much attention to hardware 
> improvements lately, so I need to ask, does anyone have recent experience 
> with their offerings? I can pretty much have what I ask for, so which model 
> of Dell desktop should I specify? Which options? Are the wireless keyboard 
> and mouse a hindrance? Also, would a SCSI drive be much of an improvement 
> over their default drive?
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