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> I second the advice about not using a wireless keyboard. I had one with
> my previous Dell and my current HP. Both would occasionally skip
> letters. After typing a paragraph I'd have to go back to find the
> missing letters. I tried posioning the transceiver everywhere; no luck.
> When I installed a wired keyboard the problem went away. The wireless
> mouse, on the other hand, is reliable and a great invention.

I have a Kensington wireless keyboard & mouse on the home PC, and have 
the same experience from time to time.  It seems to be caused by 
interference from our cordless phones.  Changing channels doesn't work; 
repositioning the transceiver and/or phones seems to do the trick.

The transceiver is also a charger for the batteries for kb & mouse, 
which is handy.  The mouse needs fresh batteries often; the keyboard 
much less so.  That's something to keep in mind if you do decide to go 

The only other problem I have is that there are no LED indicators on the 
keyboard.  The indications for caps lock etc. are in the Windoze system 
tray, which I keep on Autohide.  So I type in reverse caps more often 
than I'd like.


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