Same here - no problems either!! I have been using a Microsoft Wireless
Natural Multimedia Keyboard for more than two or three years now, with
FrameMaker and Word and Excel, etc., with fine results. The wireless
receiver is USB connected and also handles the Microsoft wireless mouse.

The only time I have had a problem (albeit not with FrameMaker or
applications) is because I use a laptop at my desk with a 24"
wide-screen LCD display. Since the laptop is in a docking station, I
have its lid closed. So, in Windows, if I have a startup problem during
the boot and I need the keyboard to intercept the boot, the keyboard is
not yet "available". I have to undock, pull my laptop out of the dock,
raise its lid, then boot and use the keyboard on the laptop.

This situation is rare enough not to be an issue, and also not an issue
with an application program. Once Windows is running, the wireless
keyboard works well all the time.

The other reason I like this particular wireless keyboard (and Microsoft
does offer wired ones of the same type) is because of the mapped
function keys: F2=Undo, F3=Redo, F4=New, F5=Open, F6=Close ... F11=Save,
F12=Print, etc. Thus, when the applications are consistent with those
mappings, using the function keys becomes very useful!



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> I've used a wireless keyboard for several years and have never had any
> problems in FrameMaker or any other program.
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> I second the advice about not using a wireless keyboard. I had one
> my previous Dell and my current HP. Both would occasionally skip
> letters. After typing a paragraph I'd have to go back to find the
> missing letters. I tried posioning the transceiver everywhere; no
> When I installed a wired keyboard the problem went away. The wireless
> mouse, on the other hand, is reliable and a great invention.

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