Drew -

I recently went through this process.  Here's how I dealt with it.

  1.  Insert a table with one heading row, one body row, and two
columns.  For this, you might want to use a new table format.
  2.  Widen the table to suit.  Widen the first column to suit the
  3.  In the body row, span the cells.
  4.  Into the heading row, first column, insert the graphic and align
to suit.
  5.  In the heading row, second column, apply the paragraph tag with
"WARNING" in the Numbering "Autoformat:" field.  No need to have a
return at the end of this paragraph.
  6.  In the heading row, second column, apply the specified color.
(From FrameMaker's menu bar, choose Table | Custom Ruling & Shading...
  7.  Into the body row, enter your supplementary text.  For this, you
might want to use a new paragraph tag.

Good luck and

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Subject: Need help building a para Warning tag

How do I build a paragraph tag that has the title "Warning," room for a
para below, a graphic to the left vertically centered, and all of that
bound by a filled rectangle? 

I put the word "Warning" into Numbering in the Paragraph Designer but
can't recall how to include a return for the warning text nor how to
include the warning graphic.

I'm also stuck in properly referencing the bounding box. I built a
filled rectangle on the Reference page but that comes in either above or
below the word "Warning" instead of enclosing it.


Drew Knox
at Motorola
in way too cold Horsham, PA

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