I use a table rather than a tag. You can build a one-row two-cell table; 
the left cell has the graphic and the right cell has the text. You can 
then put the paragraph tags you want into the text cell.

Knox Drew-KFP368 wrote:
> How do I build a paragraph tag that has the title "Warning," room for a
> para below, a graphic to the left vertically centered, and all of that
> bound by a filled rectangle? 
> I put the word "Warning" into Numbering in the Paragraph Designer but
> can't recall how to include a return for the warning text nor how to
> include the warning graphic.
> I'm also stuck in properly referencing the bounding box. I built a
> filled rectangle on the Reference page but that comes in either above or
> below the word "Warning" instead of enclosing it.
> TIA,
> Drew Knox
> at Motorola
> in way too cold Horsham, PA
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