Knox Drew-KFP368 wrote: 

> How do I build a paragraph tag that has the title "Warning," 
> room for a para below, a graphic to the left vertically 
> centered, and all of that bound by a filled rectangle? 

As others suggested, a table is the way to go. There's simply no
reasonable way to do a bounding box and/or background fill except with
table ruling and shading. 

David Stamm's procedure will get you there. But I'd recommend a couple
of changes that simplify its later use. If you do it as a single-row
table (no straddles) and insert the graphic my way, then in the future,
you just have to select Insert > Table and pick the format to create the
whole thing ready for the warning text. Here's how: 

1) Put your graphic for this warning in a graphic frame placed on a ref
page. In the Object Properties dialog of the graphic frame, give it a
name -- let's call it WarnGraphic. 

2) Create a one-row, two-column table -- let's call it WarnTable -- with
the alignment, width, ruling, shading, spacing, etc., you want (you can
tweak all this as you see it take shape). No heading row is needed or

3) For the left cell (where you want the graphic), define a new pgf
format -- let's call it WarnGraphicPgf -- dedicated to the purpose. Font
doesn't matter, but give it a small font size, line spacing and space
above (you can play with these later).

3) In Paragraph Designer's Advanced tab, set WarnGraphicPgf's Frame
Above Pgf to WarnGraphic. This will cause the graphic to appear
automagically whenever a WarnGraphicPgf paragraph is created. 

4) For the right cell, define a new pgf format -- let's call it WarnHead
-- that has "Warning" as its autonumber and the font, spacing,
alignment, etc., you want. Set its Next Pgf Tag to the pgf tag you want
to use for the warning text -- let's call it WarnText. 

5) Tweak the table until everything looks right. You can play with
WarnGraphicPgf's Cell Vertical Alignment, Cell Margins, Space Above,
etc., to get the graphic aligned as you want it.  

6) When your WarnTable table looks perfect, Update All. This saves not
only the general table layout, but the initial paragraph in the first
pgf of each column. 

The next time you insert a new WarnTable table, it will have the graphic
in the left cell and the word "Warning" in the right cell. Click in the
right cell (putting your cursor into the empty WarnHead pgf), press
Enter to create a WarnText pgf, and start typing your warning text. 

Works for me; YMMV. LMK if any of that isn't clear. 


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