Ed Lightle wrote:

> I tried Richard Comb's method for putting graphics for 
> warning symbols on a reference page and creating 2-column 
> tables.  Everything worked great for printed output but the 
> graphics don't show up in my HTML Help output.  I found that 
> graphics not bounded by an anchored frame (on a body page, I 
> suppose) will not appear in the HTML output.  Is there any 
> way around this?

I'm sure there's a solution, but the specifics depend on how you're
creating the HTML. 

For instance, with Mif2Go, there's an [HTMLOptions] setting,
RemoveFramesAbove, that governs whether the Frame Above (ref page
graphic) for all pgfs is converted or ignored. You can also set this on
a per-pgf-format basis. 

I think in WWP, there's a mapping setting for what to do with Frame
Above. If not, you might need a macro to insert an <img> tag for the
graphic into the HTML. This should be pretty straightforward, assuming
your graphic is imported by reference and in a suitable file format for

I don't know how (or if) ref page graphics are handled in ePP or Frame's
built-in HTML conversion. 

If you post info about what conversion tool you're using and what you've
tried, the experts in that tool can probably help. 


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