If you're looking for the complete (as far as I know) list of plugins 
available for FrameMaker, check out our ToolSearch database ..


This database includes tools other that FM plugins as well, but you can 
filter on specific types. If you know of plugins (or other interesting 
publishing-related tools), please let me know!


Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

Gordon McLean wrote:
> Whilst it may be wrong to compare this scenario to one offered by a free
> product...
> Firefox and extensions anyone? Add in some charges/licensing and you have
> what seems to be a good model that is flexible enough for everyone involved,
> including Adobe?
> I agree with Shlomo, I think a lot of people use FM out of the box, and I'd
> guess that it's largely because it's not made obvious that there ARE
> plugins, and then once you are aware they exist, finding them can be quite
> tricky (that list of Index plugins includes some I've never even heard
> of...).
> Gordon
> -----Original Message-----
> Subject: RE: Frame's future
> Licensing and integrating existing plug-ins is an excellent way to extend
> functionality of a core product. In response to Hedley's suggestion, I
> mentioned the DITA and Apply Master Pages plug-ins as examples for plug-ins
> that are already incorporated into FrameMaker.
> There are many high-quality plug-ins out there that could significantly
> improve the end user experience -- handling tables, indexing, markers,
> conversion, manage formats, archiving, and many more. The FrameScript
> runtime is also a great idea.
> Even though some of the existing 3rd party add-ons are low cost (or even
> free), my impression is that the vast majority of FrameMaker users use
> FrameMaker as it comes out of the box (this is probably true with respect to
> other products).
> Shlomo Perets
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