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>>Another thing Adobe could do is look at all the plug-ins and mods that 
>>various people have come up with to scratch an itch -- or stem a raging 
>>haemorrhage.  For example, there are a whole bunch of indexing tools -- 
>>IXgen, emDex, Index Tools Pro, IndexRef, etc. -- suggesting that there is a 
>>crying need for a decent indexing interface on  a par with Cindex or Sky 
>One of my suggestions in a blog post a while back is that they do something 
>similar with FrameScript to what they did with WWP Standard. Include a 
>run-time version of Framescript that would let people run scripts but not edit 
>or write them.
>It'd give the Framescript developers a bigger market to shoot at and add a lot 
>of value to Frame.

 And if they brought back the Mac version you could do the same things with 
AppleScript, and even integrate FrameMaker into an automated workflow. It's a 
pity that the FrameMaker user community (on the Mac) didn't get into the 
AppleScript swing of things. I only know a hand full of Mac framers who use 
AppleScript, but those who do have speeded productivity in dozens of ways. Some 
of us here on this list have used AppleScript and FrameMaker to do some amazing 
time saving tasks. Even with the few annoying bugs in FrameMaker's AppleScript 
it was possible to do stuff that was, in a word, stunning. Watching 6 hours of 
manual effort for a VERY experienced FrameMaker user who knows the shortcuts 
reduced to a double click is a powerful motivator. In 15 minutes the script 
would finish. And it didn't make errors. The one major drag on this is that 
FrameMaker 7 has a nasty habit of throwing errors at random times when there 
are none. Requires a restart of FrameMaker. So that bug will never get fixed. 

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