Hi, Rick.

Rick Quatro wrote:
> FrameScript's developer will not do this because it removes an incentive 
> for people to purchase FrameScript. Hundreds of scripts would be 
> distributed with no renumeration for FrameScript's developer. 

Unless Adobe paid some them small royalty portion of the sales cost
for each run-time shipped with FrameMaker.

This *could* add up in a hurry, :) even when compared to the $149
per license copy for the "developer" version.

 > FrameScript is a bargain at $149. Even the simplest scripts provide a
 > quick payback in time savings. Any FrameMaker environment can benefit
 > from some form of automation.

I don't know how many FrameScript licenses have been sold vs. the
number of FrameMaker licenses, of course ...

But, surely, it might be interesting for them to consider this! :)


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