Hedley Finger wrote:

 > Another thing Adobe could do is look at all the plug-ins and mods that
 > various people have come up with to scratch an itch -- or stem a raging
 > haemorrhage.  For example, there are a whole bunch of indexing tools --
 > IXgen, emDex, Index Tools Pro, IndexRef, etc. -- suggesting that there is
 > a crying need for a decent indexing interface on  a par with Cindex or Sky
 > Index.

FrameMaker 7.2 DITA support is "Based on a core plugin developed and 
maintained by Leximation" (quoted from the DITA > About window). In fact, 
my FrameMaker console tells me that the beta period for this component has 
expired, and that I should contact Leximation for an update (even though it 
was downloaded from Adobe).

FrameMaker 7.x "Apply Master Pages" is also based on a plug-in.

David Eason wrote: (in response to Hedley)

 > You named several indexing tools. I have been very comfortable with
 > Index Tools Pro. How do you rate (and rank) the tools you named for
 > usability, flexibility, user-friendliness, adaptability to Stuctured
 > Frame, and other characteristics?

See http://www.microtype.com/links.html for links to in-depth reviews of 
the various indexing add-ons.

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