FM 7.2b128 - Structured
WWP 8.6.6587.0 (Yes, I know it is old.)

I sent the following query to the WebWorks list but got no replies. I'm
hoping someone here can help...

After searching through the WWP list archives, I notice that cross
references were not (are not?) working with structured FrameMaker and
ePub Pro. I am using structured FM and WWP 8 creating uncompiled
HTML-based help (Webworks Help 4.0). I cannot get my cross references to

What I know / What I've done:
*       The cross references work in FrameMaker.
*       When I build the FM book, there are no unresolved cross
*       I've checked the mappings for my x-refs in WWP. They are either
<$paratext> or step\ <$paranumonly>, depending on the context.
*       I've deleted all generated files and temp files and regenerated
the help system.
*       I've removed all FM files from the project and re-added them and
regenerated the help system.
*       My cross reference element is called CrossReference.

What I don't know:
*       Should there be a CrossReference element listed on the Paragraph
tab of the Mappings tab?
*       How can I get the x-refs to work?
*       Has this been fixed in the newest patch for ePubPro?

Thanks in advance for your help,

M (on digest)

Marsha Lofthouse
Motorola, Inc., Public Safety Applications
North America Government & Commercial Markets Division
Boulder Design Center
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