One other way to fix this is to use FrameScript or an API client to 
temporarily convert the cross-references into spot cross-references. This 
involves inserting a Cross-Ref marker at the source and setting its text to 
the unique id. Then the cross-reference properties are changed so that the 
cross-reference points to the marker. WWP will then treat this as an 
unstructured cross-reference.

I agree that this is not an ideal situation, but it may be more reasonable 
than changing your workflow.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

>I may have to go with Jeremy on this one (earth tremors for a moment). 
>Quadralay support for structured xrefs has been hit or miss over the years 
>with both the WWP and ePublisher products, and this has been a source of 
>great aggravation for some structured FM users. Coincidentally, I recently 
>got a call from a Quadralay sales rep who said that the issue has just been 
>fixed (again) in the latest patch of ePublisher. You might try getting in 
>touch with Quadralay, if you can get them to talk to you.  In any case, you 
>might be out of luck with WWP 8.x, unless you get an older version.  I am 
>using with which the xrefs still work, but not with FM 7.2.  I 
>have to keep 7.1 installed to use it.
> Russ

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