There is nothing bad about old workhorses...

* What are the names of the ID attributes in your title or sections
elements and what is the name of the IDREF attribute in your
CrtossReference element?

* There is no easy migration from WWP8.x to Webworks ePublisher!

* You should upgrade your FrameMaker to 7.2p159 (in two steps, see the
Adobe website) -- but this is not connected to your problem.

* If you already use structured FrameMaker, why don't you save as XML
and do the transformation using XSL? Setting up this process might be as
expensive as buying and setting up Webworks ePublisher.

Best wishes,

- Michael

Am 28.02.2007 17:35, Lofthouse Marsha-PT1816 schrieb/wrote:
> FM 7.2b128 - Structured
> WWP 8.6.6587.0 (Yes, I know it is old.)
> I sent the following query to the WebWorks list but got no replies. I'm
> hoping someone here can help...
> After searching through the WWP list archives, I notice that cross
> references were not (are not?) working with structured FrameMaker and
> ePub Pro. I am using structured FM and WWP 8 creating uncompiled
> HTML-based help (Webworks Help 4.0). I cannot get my cross references to
> work. 
> What I know / What I've done:
> *     The cross references work in FrameMaker.
> *     When I build the FM book, there are no unresolved cross
> references.
> *     I've checked the mappings for my x-refs in WWP. They are either
> <$paratext> or step\ <$paranumonly>, depending on the context.
> *     I've deleted all generated files and temp files and regenerated
> the help system.
> *     I've removed all FM files from the project and re-added them and
> regenerated the help system.
> *     My cross reference element is called CrossReference.
> What I don't know:
> *     Should there be a CrossReference element listed on the Paragraph
> tab of the Mappings tab?
> *     How can I get the x-refs to work?
> *     Has this been fixed in the newest patch for ePubPro?
> Thanks in advance for your help,
> M (on digest)
> Marsha Lofthouse

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