Thanks for the response!

That's one of the things we'd teach in our Frame Expert's class (which,
sadly, never has enough folks to run anymore)

I'm sure Caroline appreciated the unabbreviated version as well.

Nice catch on the Remove Overides checkbox. That's what removes most of
Word's autonumbering, and eliminates the manual Find/Change needed to remove
what I call "Formatting as Content"

-Matt Sullivan

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I don't know where I've been, but this business about importing the Word
file into an existing Frame file/template was an incredible insight for me.
As a quick trial I created a word template that has the same style names we
use in the Frame template. I then opened the Frame template, chose File >
Import > File..., selected the desired .doc file, selected the Copy into
Document radio button, and pressed Import. In the Unknown File Type dialog
that appeared, I chose Microsoft Word (it was the default selection), and
pressed Convert. In the Import Text Flow by Copy dialog, I checked the Body
Page Flow and Reformat Using Current Document's Catalogs, and also checked
the Remove Manual Page breaks and Other Overrides checkboxes. The result was
a VERY clean Frame document nicely formatted according to our Frame
template. It looks like graphics were created and I think embedded, and
while they look not too bad, you might want to save them out another way
from the Word doc and then reimport them by reference. In my example, tables
came out as tables, but not in the table format I usually use. In Frame I
converted the tables to text and then back to table to get the table format
I wanted. Still, for a 15 minute trial, I was very impressed by this method!

By the way, I am using Frame 7.2.


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What do you mean when you say
"import the doc into a Frame template"
Can you explain more fully?

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I don't use the RTF to Frame filter, but instead import the .doc into a
Frame template to eliminate the "generic" master pages and catalogs created
when using Frame to "open" the doc directly.

The resulting Word import filter does a fine job of importing, but doesn't
address inconsistencies and workarounds in the Word file. 

-Graphics and tables often require manipulation
-Paragraph format overrides from Word still need to be addressed
-The Find/Change gets heavy usage to correct duplicated autonumbering (Much
of Word's autonumbering is treated as content rather than formatting)

I tell folks requiring conversion that the cost of the conversion lies
mainly in developing appropriate templates, and in addressing the Word
author's lack of consistency.

-Matt Sullivan

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Hi all,

Speaking of converters, I was wondering if Adobe might ever consider fixing
up the RTF to FM and FM to RTF filters that come with Frame.  Especially the
RTF to FM filter.  It would be SO helpful to companies like mine who are
about to convert their docsets, including many large manuals (up to 800
pages, believe it or not) from Word to FM.  It would have made the job of
convincing management a lot easier to switch to Frame if we didn't have to
pay an outside vendor to do this for us.

Seems like it would be a profitable thing to do, considering that more
companies would be likely to by Frame if they had an easy way to get there
from Word.


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