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>Using Frame 7.2
>Can two occurrences of the same chapter styles be used in a single file
>within a book and update correctly?
>The style uses the <$chapnum> value but does not increment when there
>are two occurences in the same file. Other styles used in a document
>with numbering which inherit the $chapnum value from the chapter style
>also do not update correctly. ...

<$chapnum> is a document-wide counter; it cannot be incremented within a 
It can be set locally within a document, but it is typically controlled 
through the book numbering settings.

If <$chapnum> is to be used, each chapter must be a separate FrameMaker 
document (or it could be split into multiple documents, where <$chapnum> is 
set not to increment in subsequent chapter parts, through the book numbering).

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