Robert.Werner at wrote: 

> My colleague informs me that the convention according to the 
> Harts Rules for Writers is for a top level heading Appendixes 
> and lower level numbered appendix titles:
> ...
> Chapter n    Title
> Chapter n    Title
> Appendixes   Appendix A Title
>                Appendix B Title
>                ...
> To resolve this I have numbered my styles as follows:
> Appendix     x:Appendixes
> AppendixTitle x:Appendix <$chapnum>

There's no reason to specify an autonumber sequence for the Appendix
paragraph (BTW, your first post confused me -- don't use the word
"style" to refer to a paragraph instance; or even a format, for that
matter). Just enter the text string you want ("Appendixes") in the
Autonumber Format box. Despite the name, a paragraph's Autonumber Format
doesn't have to use autonumbering building blocks, it can be just a text

Do you really want "Appendixes" on the same as "Appendix A ..." in the
TOC? If so, make the AppendixTOC paragraph a Run-in Head. 

All that said, I've never seen the convention your colleague wants you
to follow (or Hart's Rules for Writers), and I think it's a rather silly
change on which to waste time. I'd strenuously resist this change unless
the company requires adherence to Hart's Rules and/or your colleague is
actually your boss. :-) 


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