...based on an FM file.

I need to create a Word template for use by contributors to a large  
document. Most of the content will have passed through various  
approval committees and courts before finally being added to the  
document. Once the content has been approved it cannot be varied,  
regardless of what ever horrible formats have been used.

Previously the inclusion process has led to a wide range of paragraph  
(numbering, bulleting, etc.) styles. The decision has now been made  
to enforce a standardisation of the formats in new content, but most  
contributors do not use/will never use FM. They will use MS Word  
however, hence the need to create a template that provides the  
formats for them.

I have exported the FM file using mif2go and created a .dot file in  
MS Word. However I still need to be rid of the various formats that  
Word seems to put in there by default. I have worked out how to  
define the template as a global template, but how can I also remove  
Normal.dot (this seems to be where the other styles are coming from)?

I need to be able to disable the auto numbering functions when people  
use this template (effectively so they are forced to use the FM  
heading and paragraph numbering numbering, etc). Any clues on where I  
can find information on how to do this? Do I need to look at putting  
VB into the template file in order to control Word's functionality  
(disabling functions, etc.)?

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