G'Day mate.  Or do they say that only in Australia?

The Word-generated Normal.dot usually resides either in your user profile or
in the MS app tree. You can easily see where it is by selecting Tools >
Options to display the options window, and then selecting the File Locations
tab.  In that tab, you can change the location where you want Word to look
for and save templates.

To remove normal.dot from your file, select Tools > Templates and Add Ins.
In the dialog box that is displayed, click Attach and then select your own
template from the list that is displayed.  Note that Word will look in the
directory you have set in the File Locations tab, so follow the instructions
above first.

To delete styles that you don't want, select Format > Styles to open the
task pane on the right side of the window.  At the bottom of the task pane,
select Available Styles.  Now select each style that you don't want and
delete it.  This is similar to what you do in FM, of course.   Note that
Word will not let you delete any of its default styles.

I don't think you can turn off autonumbering in Word.  At least I don't know
of a way to do it.  But you can go to the Word MVP (Most Valuable
Professional) site and check. http://word.mvps.org/

Incidentally, to add something to my message about fixing corrupted files
that I sent yesterday, here are some great tips from a few real Word gurus.

Alan, this page includes a section called "How can I fix a corrupt
There are some good answers in that section.

Hope this helps.

(Lurned Wurd purty gud but like Frame lots better)


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...based on an FM file.

I need to create a Word template for use by contributors to a large
document. Most of the content will have passed through various
approval committees and courts before finally being added to the
document. Once the content has been approved it cannot be varied,
regardless of what ever horrible formats have been used.

Previously the inclusion process has led to a wide range of paragraph
(numbering, bulleting, etc.) styles. The decision has now been made
to enforce a standardisation of the formats in new content, but most
contributors do not use/will never use FM. They will use MS Word
however, hence the need to create a template that provides the
formats for them.

I have exported the FM file using mif2go and created a .dot file in
MS Word. However I still need to be rid of the various formats that
Word seems to put in there by default. I have worked out how to
define the template as a global template, but how can I also remove
Normal.dot (this seems to be where the other styles are coming from)?

I need to be able to disable the auto numbering functions when people
use this template (effectively so they are forced to use the FM
heading and paragraph numbering numbering, etc). Any clues on where I
can find information on how to do this? Do I need to look at putting
VB into the template file in order to control Word's functionality
(disabling functions, etc.)?

Alan T Litchfield, MBus (Hons), MNZCS
AlphaByte: PO Box 1941, Auckland, New Zealand
Publishing systems specialists


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