You mean to say that your powers that be don't differentiate between 
content and format?

That is crazy. Format has nothing to do with content. This is a 
self-inflicted wound.

Try to convince them that format can be standardized at publishing. 
Content should be held sacrosanct bit could change to reflect the 
proper formatting.

Good Luck


At 5:11 PM +1300 1/19/07, Alan Litchfield wrote:
>...based on an FM file.
>I need to create a Word template for use by contributors to a large 
>document. Most of the content will have passed through various 
>approval committees and courts before finally being added to the 
>document. Once the content has been approved it cannot be varied, 
>regardless of what ever horrible formats have been used.
>Previously the inclusion process has led to a wide range of 
>paragraph (numbering, bulleting, etc.) styles. The decision has now 
>been made to enforce a standardisation of the formats in new 
>content, but most contributors do not use/will never use FM. They 
>will use MS Word however, hence the need to create a template that 
>provides the formats for them.
>I have exported the FM file using mif2go and created a .dot file in 
>MS Word. However I still need to be rid of the various formats that 
>Word seems to put in there by default. I have worked out how to 
>define the template as a global template, but how can I also remove 
> (this seems to be where the other styles are coming from)?
>I need to be able to disable the auto numbering functions when 
>people use this template (effectively so they are forced to use the 
>FM heading and paragraph numbering numbering, etc). Any clues on 
>where I can find information on how to do this? Do I need to look at 
>putting VB into the template file in order to control Word's 
>functionality (disabling functions, etc.)?

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