The route I usually take is to save as an .rtf from Word and then use
FM .RTF or Japanese  .rtf filter to open it.

Time is all over the place, depending on whether the Word author used
styles or not. Obviously, an all override formatted by hand document
is harder to import because few of the conversion specifics is


On 1/23/07, mathieu jacquet <bobitch at> wrote:
> I know some of you are real good at importing Word documents in FM. You must
> have develop import processes over time; I'd like to take advantage of your
> experience, if I may.
> Have you ever tried quantifying the time it takes to import a Word document,
> in terms of:
> - applying FM paragraph and text format to the imported Word content (e.g.
> number of pages per hour)
> - importing/recreating tables (I know Diane Gaskill has had a tough time
> finding the proper filter to do that, was it the Japanese one?)
> - redoing cross references; BTW, is there a tool that counts the number of
> cross references in a Word document?
> Do you think I can say: Ok, I have a 500-page document containing 200 cross
> references and 75 tables, it is going to take me 15 (or 10 or...) days for
> the import?
> And which filter do you use? Do you first do a .doc to .rtf conversion
> before importing using a .RTF filter or do you import directly from .doc
> using a Word filter (which one?)?
> Any help is greatly appreciated!
> Mathieu.
> P.S.:I'm not talking about importing graphics here. I know it adds a lot of
> extra time, but I'll see that later.
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