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>I'm considering asking my manager to buy FrameScript for me and I have to
>justify it of course.  Does anyone have any data on how long it takes to
>become reasonably proficient using it. I have 4 years of sw dev experience
>and 15 years of FM experience.

I think the cost ($150), plus Rick's book ($100), is easy to justify;
if you save four hours, it's paid.  That's easy, and you've gotten
lots of good answers on this thread for the details.

However, I see you have "4 years of sw dev experience".  What languages
did you use?  FrameScript has a VBA-like flavor; if you like VBA, it is
easy to learn it.  But if you prefer C/C++, you may be happier with the
FDK, which is free from Adobe:
That's the 7.2 FDK, but if you don't have VS 2003 you might want an
earlier version; we still use 6.0, which works fine with FM 7.2.

WRT Frame itself, FrameScript is pretty much an FDK wrapper.  It has
some non-Frame functionality, like what you'd get from wrapping the
WinAPI and ODBC, for example.  The FDK is a more advanced tool, but
it's best used by an *experienced* C/C++ programmer who already has a
suitable IDE on hand: VS4 or later for Windows, CodeWarrior 6 for Mac
Classic (FDK 7.0 is the last Mac version), or native cc for Unix.


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