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>Peter (Gold) is absolutely right in his assumption that I want to
>manipulate a collection of books. I have several such collections - one
>of which contains close to 30 books. I use DoBatch to open and update
>all books in these book collections, and as I said in my original
>posting - someone has told me there was a new version of DoBatch that
>allows me to batch-print to PostScript as well.
>(Before I moved to Windows, I used to use fmbatch for this.)

Since you are on Windows, you can use the demo version of
Mif2Go for this.  The runfm utility in Mif2Go is fully
functional in the demo; you don't have to purchase Mif2Go
to use it for producing print and PDF projects.  You can 
download the demo, and the User's Guide in your choice
of many formats (including PDF), at:

You do need to install it; runfm uses the plugin to run
the projects.  See Chapter 32, "Converting via runfm",
for the details.


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