Steve Rickaby wrote:

> Quite. However, if you change the spec in FrameMaker to 'correct' the
> mix, it drops the ink name and you get 4-plate in the PDF [quite

It doesn't here. I just made a new color from the Pantone Uncoated 
library, typed in 164, and got a nice red PANTONE 164 CVU. I chose Print 
as Spot and changed the CMYK color definition to make 50,100,0,0 purple. 
Then I formatted some text in PANTONE 164 CVU and printed the page to 
seps. I chose to print the 164 plate only, and the text printed black. 
Then I went back and printed composite, and the text printed purple.

I'm on Windows here, so maybe it's different on Mac. Are you sure you're 
choosing "Print as Spot"?

AFAIK, you can change the definition of a spot color without making it 
print process.

Kenneth Benson
Pegasus Type, Inc.

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