Hi Brad

At 22:44 -0500 27/7/07, Brad Anderson wrote:
>We've printed several 5-color books (CMYK and 1 spot) with several different 
>vendors in the US, China, and Hong Kong. ...

Many thanks for this clarification. I think we were iterating towards this 
conclusion, but it's good to have confirmation. Actually, I ran up against this 
issues with a previous book, but in that case the difference between the 
FrameMaker version of the spot color and its real color was less great.

>You can set black to be a spot color as well in Frame so that the black will 
>be a 100% spot black and not an accidentally "rich black" which would give you 
>possible CMK values.

That's the fix I was trying to remember ;-)

As a footnote, there are some new tools in Acrobat 8 for fixing up plates at 
pre-press, something to do with color aliasing, but I only looked at the demo 
and it's now expired. I guess they could provide a backstop if all else failed, 
such as for example a mix of a Pantone CVU and a Pantone U of the same shade in 
a PDF.


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