Steve Rickaby wrote:

> . Edit the color to C:50, M:100, rest 0
> . I now see Ink name: None, print as spot

Although your ink name changes when you edit the definition (it doesn't 
change here), you can call it whatever you want, I think. Try copying 
the name before you edit the definition, and then paste the name back 
over "None" after you edit the definition.

> I.e. FrameMaker has, quite properly, dropped the ink name

I disagree that this is proper. Changing the definition of a spot color 
is easily and commonly done in other programs.

> . Format a body para with the synthetic 'Pantone', print to Ps, distill

I thought the synthetic spot color was called "None". Did you rename it 

> . Preflight: plates = 5, C M Y K, Pantone 164.

Are your CMY plates blank?

Kenneth Benson
Pegasus Type, Inc.

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