Bodvar Bjorgvinsson wrote: 

> I am using the Distiller 7 that came with FM. I also have 
> installed Acrbat 6 pro. The odd thing though is that it seems 
> that FM can see the old joboptions, but Distiller 7 can only 
> see the ones that reside in its own default folder.

In case Dov Isaacs isn't online today to promptly chastise you, permit
me. ;-)

Multiple/mixed Acrobat installations are a very, very bad idea. Dov has
warned countless times that it can lead to unpredictable and unstable
behavior. When you installed FM, you should not have installed Distiller
7 (assuming you'd prefer the full Acrobat 6 to just Distiller 7). 

Now, you need to completely uninstall both Acrobat 6 and Distiller 7.
After that's done, either reinstall one, but not the other, or wait
until you get Acrobat 8, and then install it. 

Do *not* install Acrobat 8 without removing Acrobat 6 and Distiller 7

I believe the .joboptions files have moved around some in recent
releases, but I don't recall the details. Google for
"joboptions locations" or something like that. I seem to recall having
to copy my old ones somewhere after moving to Acro 7. 


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