You could really stir the pot by throwing ePublisher in the mix as a 
single-sourcing solution. <g>   There's an import utility available for 
ePublisher that can take any RH project and convert it to MIF, retaining links 
and mapping formats as you determine in the interface. Depending on the size of 
the RH project and whether there are multiple RH projects to merge into a 
single-source ePub project with multiple versions/translations/localization as 
output, it could take hours or a few weeks to complete... BUT it would be a 
one-time hit. Then set it up with AutoMap to create the PDFs in sequence 
whenever you'd like (even while you're asleep). Just food for 
thought...conceding, of course, that Mif2Go is more cost-effective.


Lin Surasky <Lin.Surasky at> wrote:     Very true. However, I 
didn't mention that there are 4  writers on the team who ARE using RH to create 
content, and not only aren't  complaining, but one of them will fight as hard 
to keep RH as I will to keep FM.  We're in different countries, with an 
international audience, so it's divided as  to what our customers want. Which 
is why I think FM is perfect: We can delliver  BOTH PDF and CHM easily.

 I guess I just need to keep repeating  that...

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