Hi Lin,

Your "Quality" person is way off mark. Sounds to me like you know what you 
are talking about.

By the by, in the odd case where I've been required to submit HTML files 
(for help systems), I've also used FM -> Mif2Go with great results.

But, HTML is rare for me. The majority of my deliverables are PDFs 
(Operating Manuals, Field Service Manuals, Release Notes, Admin Guides, 
etc.) and FrameMaker is clearly the superior tool for creating those 
graphically rich documents with hyperlinked TOCs and Indexes and 
hyperlinked cross-references in text (all the goodies we've come to expect 
in modern manuals), not to mention FM's "Book" feature making life-cycle 
management easy.

Stick to your guns. FrameMaker is the right tool for you.


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