See, these are the kinds of numbers I needed. I know there's a time
difference between the two, but how much is the question. Thanks for
helping with that.

I never would have guessed 3-5 days! For how big a guide? 60 pages? 200
pages? (Once it's PDFed, of course.) 

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> The last time I had to use RH to create printable output, 
> there was a substantial amount of clean-up work involved each 
> time between creating the Word version with all the 
> print-friendly stuff like continuation statements on pages, 
> etc., and then output to PDF and all the security stuff. For 
> a single user guide, I would spend 3 to 5 full days just 
> getting it into PDF from RH. Time is money. You could 
> estimate the amount of time, factor that by your wage (plus 
> the standard fudge factor for dealing with program bugs and 
> crashes), and then factor that by the number of releases per 
> document quarterly. That should be staggering enough to make 
> your case clear to the QA and management mindset.
> Rene
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