HI All, 
Yes, they are imported as OLE objects. 
The import as PNG, or EPS is not relevant, I need to search the words.
The import as PDF is cumbersome, meaning I have to redo each instance of
embedded fig, and there are a lot of them. 

For those who suggested a PDF fix, please note this problem is way
before the PDF generation. The fonts do not show in FM, while they are
fine in Visio. 

There must be some general fix.
Thanks for your help, 

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The usual way to "embed" visio drawings in FM is to import them as OLE
objects... Is that the method you're using? Also, what FM displays is
actually a WMF graphic of the actual drawing, so that may be a
contributing factor.

A fix would be to save the Visio as a .PNG, EPS, or PDF and import
that as a referenced graphic.

There may also be some variation between versions of Visio....


On 6/21/07, Orly Zimmerman <orlyz at marvell.com> wrote:
> HI All,
> I have visio drawings embedded in my FM files that include the symbol
> font, to show, omega, delta and sigma symbols.
> The symbols show properly in the Visio embedded object, but do not
> in the FM or the generated PDF.
> I realize that FM is not reading the fonts correctly. Is there a way
> fix this?
> I need the words in the figures to be searchable. The symbols don't
> to be searchable, and if I must I will create some type of drawing of
> the symbol and insert it as a pic. But, I would rather save myself
> extra effort. If any of you can tell me what make FM tick and tell me
> how to fix this problem.
> I'm running FM 7.2 on Windows XP.
> Thanks,
> Orly Z.
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