Orly Zimmerman wrote:

> Yes, they are imported as OLE objects. 
> The import as PNG, or EPS is not relevant, I need to search the words.
> The import as PDF is cumbersome, meaning I have to redo each 
> instance of embedded fig, and there are a lot of them. 
> For those who suggested a PDF fix, please note this problem 
> is way before the PDF generation. The fonts do not show in 
> FM, while they are fine in Visio. 
> There must be some general fix.

Import by reference as PDF _is_ the general fix. :-)

It's not at all cumbersome if you set up your workflow properly. You
need to import the PDFs by reference. You can save a few mouse clicks if
you group related Visio drawings together in a single multi-page file.
When you import from a multi-page PDF, the dialog prompts you to select
a page. On the next import command (Esc f i f), FM defaults to the same
file, so you just press Page Down to go to the next PDF page and Enter
to import it.

You can replace 20 existing embedded graphics with 20 pages imported by
reference from a single PDF in well under 5 minutes

Assuming you have a recent full version of Acrobat, you should have the
PDFMaker toolbar in Visio. Once your conversion settings are set up, you
just click the Convert to PDF button to create a new PDF. Confirm
overwriting the existing PDF of the same name, if necessary, and you're
done. The next time you open the FM doc, it will see that the PDF
time/date stamp has changed and will update the imported figures

Couldn't be easier. 


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