> It seems to me the question of "How to get a new Mac
> version of FrameMaker?" is resolved by the question
> "How to get more Macintosh users using FrameMaker?"
> I can't think of a way to solve that one quickly.
> Maybe we can turn this into a contest?

The first thing is that Apple has to start showing corporate IT departments
that supporting Macs is not that difficult (and won't endanger their job
security). I still run into much ignorance in IT departments when it comes
to using and supporting the Mac--even after 6 years of OS X with all its
UNIX underpinnings.

If there were more Macs in the corporate world, I suspect there would have
been a re-written Frame. However, even if the percentages changed over the
next few years, I doubt that Frame will be re-written for the Mac; I image
there will be a new (or improved) cross-platform option by then--either from
Adobe or another company.

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