Steve Rickaby wrote:

> However, FrameMaker has a much older code base, so the effort 
> to migrate it to XCode would be proportionately greater. For 
> all I know, some parts of FrameMaker might be coded in 
> Assembler for speed. If this is the case, moving such code to 
> a multi-platform production base such as XCode would be all 
> the more complex, and might involve a major re-coding effort. 
> All this ups cost and reduces margins.

Give it up, Steve. You're using logic and reason, and the True Believers
aren't swayed by those. In fact, references to "cost" and "margins" are
downright offensive to the Keepers of the Dogma. Hang the cost -- Adobe
shouldn't "betray the faith"! 

I expect that the more extreme fundamentalist Apple-ists will threaten
to behead you any time now for your apostasy. You're the Salman Rushdie
of the Macintosh! ;-) 


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