I agree, David. I'm thinking Adobe is taking a long
look at the future of FrameMaker and realizing that
some internal re-design may be needed to keep the code
flexible for modern (post-2000) OSs.

They're also probably wanting to do some things to the
interface to make it seem a bit slicker. Things like
the Draw tools, the menus like Conditional Text and
paragraph styles, originate in a time when specialized
interface made sense (although the keyboard shortcuts
are brilliant, like EMACS with a soul). They're going
to be looking toward reduced mouse-travel and
macro-enhancements, maybe even building a scripting
language into the program.

At least, this is what I hope.

What else would you experienced FrameMaker users like
to see in future re-designs of this program?

--- David Creamer <ideaslists at ideastraining.com>

> I imagine
> there will be a new (or improved) cross-platform
> option by then--either from
> Adobe or another company.

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