> One of our users has been getting the following error message when
attempting to open FrameMaker. We went into programs and did the
"Add/Remove" for the existing FrameMaker, and then installed the new
FrameMaker 7.0. <

You left out the error message. Your message header says failure at 
installation, but the text says failure when opening the program.

1. If installation failure, I have a vague recollection of some having 
problems with the autorun version of install. Going to the CD and running 
setup.exe directly was the fix.

2. If the problem is when opening, you probably just need the patch that was 
issued for Windows XP. It fixed crashes that happened when attempting to 
open a file that had links to missing or moved files. You can find it on the 
Adobe site, but you have to go to the updates for 7.2 and it will be listed 
lower down the page.

Mike Wickham

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