I was recently asked to convert our FrameMaker template into a MS Word
template. Yes, I know this is backwards (and we all know the benefits of
Frame over Word).  However, the reason for this is because another
department wants to make similar-looking documents, but they don't have

This is a book template, so it includes several "templates" (cover
templates, a frontmatter template, chapter templates, appendix
templates, and templates for TOC and IX), with roman numeral numbering
in the fontmatter and regular numbering for the body of the document,
along with cross-reference formats, and some reference page graphics
(for warning and note symbols).

My question for you is: What is the best way to do this?

I was leaning toward using Mif2go to get RTF, and then using Word's
master document to build the "book".

Is there a better way?


By the way, if it helps:  FrameMaker 7.1 / Windows XP pro SP2 / Word

Yvonne Mills
Technical Writer 2

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