Hi Elisa,

I think I can help with the first question. It's been awhile since I did
this, but I *think* I remember how to do it. 

What you need to do first is create a new marker type in Framemaker
called "Filename". (This is the part I'm not 100% sure about, but the
WebWorks documentation, I believe, has this procedure somewhere.) 

Then, for each heading that will constitute the beginning of a new file
in HTML, add one of these markers. For the marker text, use what you
want WebWorks to assign as the name of the file, minus the ".htm". For
instance, in the example you gave, you would place a marker in the
"Installing Foo" heading and enter "foo" as the marker text. Add another
marker in the "Configuring Bar" heading and enter "bar" as the marker

When you generate the output with WebWorks, like magic, WebWorks knows
to assign these as the file names for the output files. 

Like I say, it's been awhile, but I am pretty sure this is right (though
I feel compelled to add the caveat that I have always used WW Pro, not
Standard... Not sure if the Standard version does it any differently).


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Subject: Webworks Std - Html output naming

Hi all,

I recently started generating Html files using Webworks Std 8.0.
I want to split one FM file into multiple html output files based on the
headings  (I tried also to output based on the sgml elements) (I mean I
tried both ways). 
Everything works pretty fine, but I can't figure out how to set the
output file names so that the first heading format encountered is used
as name for the generated html file.
Lets say, my file includes 2 sections: "Installing Foo" and "Configuring
Bar",  each one being formatted with the Heading format, the html output
split is based on.
I'd like Webworks to generate html files called Foo.hmtl and Bar.html I
tried to use the "$H" in the Options panel, but it turned out as
file_a.html and file_b.html... Where does Webworks take this $H value
Am I doing something wrong? 

Second question, do you know if Webworks application language is based
on the local/regional settings or on the OS it-self?
I installed FM7.2 English version on my French OS, and Webworks is
opening localized in French although I'd rather work with the original
version. Any clue?

Please copy me on your reply as am on digest mode.

Many thanks in advance,

esabot \at\ talend \.\ com

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