Elisabeth SABOT wrote:

> It seems that you all use WWP Pro? Or the native Frame XML 
> output maybe? (I'm not very familiar with XML and stuff so I 
> didn't go much further than creating a structured document in 
> FrameMaker based on one of the templates provided.)

I've used WWP Pro and Mif2Go (www.omsys.com). Quadralay
(www.quadralay.com) has replaced WWP Pro with ePublisher Pro, but I
haven't seen or used it. I'm sure others can tell you more about it. In
the distant past, I briefly used FM's native HTML output capability and
found that it really sucked. I've never used the XML output and doubt
that it makes much sense for unstructured documents.

IMHO, implementing XML and structure are expensive and time-consuming
undertakings that can pay big dividends in certain circumstances, but
you'd better be sure you've calculated the ROI correctly and aren't just
chasing the latest buzzword. I'm sure others disagree. ;-)


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