Somewhere in WW, you probably have to define the reference to the
"Filename" marker (we use a different marker name where I work). Check
in the Style Designer.

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On 5/22/07, Charles Beck <Charles.Beck at> wrote:
> Hi Elisa,
> I think I can help with the first question. It's been awhile since I did
> this, but I *think* I remember how to do it.
> What you need to do first is create a new marker type in Framemaker
> called "Filename". (This is the part I'm not 100% sure about, but the
> WebWorks documentation, I believe, has this procedure somewhere.)
> Then, for each heading that will constitute the beginning of a new file
> in HTML, add one of these markers. For the marker text, use what you
> want WebWorks to assign as the name of the file, minus the ".htm". For
> instance, in the example you gave, you would place a marker in the
> "Installing Foo" heading and enter "foo" as the marker text. Add another
> marker in the "Configuring Bar" heading and enter "bar" as the marker
> text.
> When you generate the output with WebWorks, like magic, WebWorks knows
> to assign these as the file names for the output files.
> Like I say, it's been awhile, but I am pretty sure this is right (though
> I feel compelled to add the caveat that I have always used WW Pro, not
> Standard... Not sure if the Standard version does it any differently).
> HTH,
> Chuck

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